Merger between Hamlet Pharma AB and SelectImmune Pharma AB. VISIT SELECTIMMUNE WEBSITE

Merger between Hamlet Pharma AB and SelectImmune Pharma AB. VISIT SELECTIMMUNE WEBSITE


Hamlet Pharma advertises in major health supplement published in one of the world’s leading international newspapers, The Guardian

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An advertorial by Hamlet Pharma was published in The Guardian on December 6th. Entitled “Successful new drug candidate for patients with bladder cancer – from discovery to the clinic”, it describes the discovery of the tumoricidal protein-lipid complex HAMLET and how that discovery has led to a family of potential drug candidates, such as the synthetic drug candidate, Alpha1H, that has been successfully tested in clinical trials in bladder cancer patients. 

Guardian Media Group ( is amongst the world’s leading media organisations with a progressive, global, audience and is one of the largest English-speaking quality news websites in the world. It is also one of the leading national newspapers in the UK and internationally. Hamlet Pharma was selected by MediaPlanet, the media agency for The Guardian, to be featured in the Health special given the innovative work conducted by the company to date.

‘’Our family of tumour killing molecules with low toxicity shows great promise for patients with different types of cancer’’, says Catharina Svanborg, Professor and Founder of Hamlet Pharma. 

‘’This publication is part of the company’s Investor Relations strategy in seeking larger partner organisations to advance Alpha1H in bladder cancer”, says Martin Erixon, CEO of Hamlet Pharma. 

Read the supplemented full article in The Guardian here:

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