Merger between Hamlet Pharma AB and SelectImmune Pharma AB. VISIT SELECTIMMUNE WEBSITE

Merger between Hamlet Pharma AB and SelectImmune Pharma AB. VISIT SELECTIMMUNE WEBSITE


Hamlet Pharma achieves full funding from the European Commission

By April 14, 2023 May 25th, 2023 No Comments

In a recent evaluation of Hamlet Pharma, the European Commission concluded that Hamlet

Pharma’s bladder cancer project has delivered exceptional results with immediate or potential

impact. The company was commended by the European Commission for the progress made

during the receipt of the EU Horizon 2020 grant in the EIC Accelerator program. The European

Commission concluded that the project has fully achieved its objectives and milestones for

the period.

After this positive report, the Commission will now transfer to Hamlet Pharma a sum of about

300 000 EUR to be used for the bladder cancer project. This final payment to Hamlet Pharma

will be made during 2023. In total, Hamlet Pharma will have received 2.2 Million EUROS as

part of the EIC Accelerator program of the European Commission.

This payment from the European Commission illustrates the competitiveness of Hamlet

Pharma on the international stage and the good will created by our achievements and hard


For more information, contact

Catharina Svanborg, Chairman and founder of Hamlet Pharma, +46-709 42 65 49,

Martin Erixon, CEO of Hamlet Pharma, +46-733 00 43 77,


About HAMLET Pharma AB

Hamlet Pharma, whose shares are listed on the Spotlight Stock Market, is a company

engaged in drug development based on a tumor-killing protein-lipid complex, HAMLET,

formed from two natural and harmless molecules found in breast milk. The development

aims to produce preparations that are primarily to be used for the treatment and prevention

of cancer diseases. Alpha1H is the synthetic variant of HAMLET, which enabled the

development of the substance for clinical trials. Hamlet Pharma is conducting clinical

development work with Alpha1H in patients with bladder cancer, a difficult to cure and costly

form of cancer. The company is also developing Alpha1H for the treatment of brain tumors

and is currently conducting a Technical Evaluation of BAMLET and intends, if the evaluation

turns out positive, to create conditions suitable for the continued development of BAMLET.


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