Announcing the Film Premiere “Mother’s Milk”

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With Hamlet,
from breast milk and the “foundation of life”
to cancer therapy that improves the quality of life

World Breastfeeding Week 2018 begins today, a worldwide, weeklong celebration of breastfeeding as the “foundation of life”! As the founder of Hamlet Pharma, I would like to invite you to join us in celebrating Hamlet’s origins in breast milk, as we announce the premiere of the film “Mother’s Milk” (“Muttermilch”), airing September 15, 2018 at 21:45 on Arte, and featuring Hamlet and the Svanborg Research Group.

A wonder of nature, breast milk not only provides the “foundation of life”, but also contains a wealth of molecules that can be used for therapies that improve the quality of life.

The day when my group was looking for antibacterial molecules in breast milk is unforgettable. We began to observe the milk killing tumours, ultimately over 40 cancer cell types. What began as a search for novel antibacterial agents became a discovery that holds great promise of changing the course of cancer therapy.

Continuing our scientific journey, we identified the two natural components in breast milk which were combining to kill cancer cells. Based on those, we synthesized a drug which could be given to patients. We also discovered how Hamlet was killing the cancer cells. Hamlet triggers the cancer cell’s death switch. This not only stops the spread of the cancer, but also shrinks the tumour by killing individual cells in the tumour cluster.

What differentiates Hamlet from many other cancer therapies is that it does not trigger the death switch in healthy cells, and it does not appear to harm them, even when they are surrounding the tumour. In lab, proof-of-concept, and preclinical trials on brain, bladder, colon and skin cancers, Hamlet has emerged as a uniquely safe and powerfully effective cancer therapy.

Hamlet is currently in development as a therapy for bladder cancer, with ongoing phase I/II clinical trials. Other indications where Hamlet has proven effective are: aggressive brain tumours, colon cancer, and early stages of cancer, including virus-induced tumours.

With Hamlet, we join in the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week. Breastfeeding is a nurturing activity, a “foundation of life” which protects and promotes health. Hamlet does not treat the cancer at the risk of killing the patient. With its origins in breast milk, Hamlet targets cancer while preserving healthy cells. We have an obligation to develop this precision treatment to improve the quality of life for rising numbers of people suffering from cancer around the world.

Prof Catharina Svanborg
Chairman and founder

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