Cancer Treatment Trials on both animals and humans

Board and Executive Management

Catharina Svanborg, Chairman of the Board

Catharina Svanborg received her MD in 1974 and PhD in 1978. Since 1989 she is Professor of Clinical Immunology at Lund University. In 1996, CS was elected Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science. As suggested by an h index of 84, her research is extremely influential, with strong international networks. In 1979-80 In 2000 CS was a visiting Professor at Imperial College and from 2008-2010, Principal Investigator at the Singapore Immunology Network. Her awards include the Domagk award, the non-restricted grant award (BMS), the Kennedy Visiting Professorship Award at Imperial College, London, the Edwin H. Beachey Distinguished Visiting Professorship Award at the University of Tennessee, the Jubilee award of the Swedish Medical Society, the Nordic Söderberg award and the Scientist of the year award, 2014. CS has published > 400 papers and mentored some 45 graduate students and many postdoctoral fellows, who now pursue successful careers.

Bengt Westermark, Director

Bengt Westermark is Senior Professor of Tumor Biology at Uppsala University. 1996 – 2002 Bengt Westermark was Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and in 1999 – 2002 Vice Principal for Medicine and Pharmacy at the University. During 2003 – 2013 he was the Chairman of the Cancer Society’s research committee. Bengt Westermark has received numerous awards and honors, such as the Swedish Society of Medicine’s Jubilee Prize, the Fernströms Nordic Prize, the Farber Award, the Lennox K Black Prize, and the Acta Endocrinologica Award. He was awarded the King’s Gold Medal, Serafimerorden´s band of 8th Size, 2013. Bengt Westermark is member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society of Sciences and of the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Helena Lomberg, Director

Doctor of Medicine, University of Gothenburg, 1986. Dr. Lomberg is specialized in clinical development of pharmaceuticals focused on clinical studies and has over 20 years of senior management experience in international companies such as GlaxoWelcome, Bayer, NMCT and Quintiles. Since 2008, Helena Lomberg runs her own company, BCT Consulting, and works primarily as a consultant for smaller biotech companies and conducts clinical trials.

Bengt Furberg, Director

Bengt Furberg is Associate Professor of Clinical Physiology. Expert in clinical studies and author of several books and scientific articles on the subject. For 10 years Bengt Furberg was the medical director and member of the management team of British GlaxoWellcome in Sweden and a member of the GlaxoWellcome group´s Medical Board and Safety Board. Since 1994 he is also a member of the Swedish Academy for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Bengt Furberg is currently a board member of Brain Cool AB and Immunicum AB where he is also Chairman of the Scientific Council.

HAMLET cancer therapy CEO

Mats Persson, CEO

Mats is a molecular biologist by training and received his PhD 1991. He has a broad knowledge from Drug Development and has held several senior positions within R&D. He has been a member of the R&D leadership team at LEO Pharma in Denmark where he was responsible for external R&D collaborations including academic partnerships and commercial alliances. Mats has also more than 20 years’ experience from clinical research and development from AstraZeneca and from development projects in clinical phase I to phase IV.